Die Architektur der Sepulturas-Region von Copán in Honduras | von Hasso Hohmann, 1995 | ISBN: 3-901519-00-9

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For the first time in Maya research these two volumes present a monographic architectural documentation of the settlement far away from an important Maya center. The analysis of its architecture is based on separate geodetic survey using new methods. More than 100 structures are documented by over 500 scale drawings., These show the architectural remains which have been excavated by archeologists since 1977. The architectural remains are reconstructed by drawing using inductive additions and hypothetical completions. Quite a lot of drawings from other parts of the Maya culture are presented for comparative studies or as a proof. The documented and analyzed architecture presents three different settlement units of various size. On the basis of a systematic analysis it was possible to gain information about the relationship between form, construction and function not only for individual buildinds but also for spatial relations between them.- The discovery of an “astronomical group” is one of the results; indications were found for the social structuring of single courtyards and for an intitial step towards some kind of a building law. In addition themes like wall constructions, doorways, doors, windows, ceiling constructions, roofs or second flloors etc. are extensively discussed.

The publication is a basic treatise for:
Archeologists, architects who are interested in the history of achitecture, art historians, students and Mayanists.

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